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dallas real estate home salesShould I sell my Dallas home?
This is a question you should research before you get started. A couple of things you should think about before you contact an agent:
1) Is my house ready to sell?
2) Will your home sell for more than you owe. If not, do you have money to bring to closing?
3) Is there anything pending that might keep me from being able to sell?
There are many more questions that you should consider before you decide to sell your home. If you need any help with your questions, please contact us for assistance.
Contact a Dallas Real Estate Agent <-- or call 214.630.6816.

dallas real estate agentWhat's the current market value of your Dallas home?
The market is slow and prices in some areas are coming down. If you are interested in selling your Dallas home and would like to find out the current market activity in your area, please contact us for assistance.
Contact a Dallas Real Estate Agent <-- or call 214.630.6816.

Ready to Sell? Find the right Dallas Realtor to help you market and sell your Dallas home!
Real Estate Agents specialize in selling homes. There are many benefits of using a Realtor to help you with your house. Real Estate Agents will list your home in MLS, organize and assist with showings, contract negotiation, open houses, market research and assistance, advertising and create maximum exposure for your home. Seller's agents commissions are paid when the home sells (at closing). Generally, commissions usually average 6% for home sellers: 3% for the selling agent, and 3% for the agent that brings the buyer. If you want more information on our home selling services, please contact an agent for more details.
Contact a Dallas Real Estate Agent <-- or call 214.630.6816.

dallas realtorPrice your home to sell.
Don't overprice your home. With all the information available to consumers, buyers working with Dallas Real Estate Agents are very familiar with current market pricing and activity. If you overprice your home, it will not sell. It is a fact that after the sales price is negotiated and accepted, the home must appraise for the price negotiated. If the home does not appraise, the buyer will have an option to pay the difference or move on to another home.

dallas real estate companyMarketing - It makes a difference!
Not all real estate companies are the same. We offer the ultimate in exposure for your home. Contact a Dallas Real Estate agent for more information and to find out what separates us from the competition.
Contact a Dallas Real Estate Agent <-- or call 214.630.6816.

Agents are available from 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday (after-hours voice mail available).

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